Long Lake Ranches West - Renoir/10 model - Closed on 02/28/2014 - $1,205,000

This home for sale in Long Lake Ranches West was the Renoir/10 model which is 5,186 sq.ft in living area and 6,249 total sq.ft. it was located at 3326 Juniper Lane in Davie, Fl.

This home was a waterfront pool home, upgrades included marble and wood flooring, 40’ swimming pool and upgraded kitchen.

The home on the market for 255 days and not ) as reflected in the attached mls printout. It was initially listed a $1,299,000 in June of 2013 and fluctuated on and off market and up and down in price until the closing on Februar 28, 2014. This sale is the first to break the hovering $1.2m ceiling that Long Lake communities have experienced recently.

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