As a Certified Distressed Property Expert®, Ski is highly trained and experienced in the short sale process. Even before the term “short sale” existed Ski helped homeowners sell their homes and negotiate with their lenders as far back as 1996, back then they were called compromised sales.

Some of the misconceptions about short sales are:

  • You must be behind in your mortgage payments. - Not True, we have short sold homes which the owner was never late nor behind in a payment.

  • I am too close to being foreclosed on. - Not True, we have helped people with less than 2 days prior to a foreclosure sale.

  • I make too much money and won’t qualify for a short sale. - Not True, the amount of income is not the only criteria that is considered when short selling your home.

  • I will still owe the bank money after I sell my home. - Not True, we will help you negotiate a full release of your loan or you do not have to close.

  • I have an IRS lien on my house that won’t be paid off entirely so I can’t sell. - Not True, we can show you how to have the IRS release the lien against your home permitting you to sell.

  • I have other liens or judgments (medical bills, credit cards, etc.) that must be paid if I sell my home. - Not True, only certain liens can attach to your homesteaded property, the others will not stop a sale.

  • I can’t afford to pay you as a Realtor® to sell and guide me through this process. - Not True, my services as a CDPE and a Realtor® are authorized by and paid as part of the short sale. Not out of your pocket.

  • There is no reason not to call Ski and talk about my situation, his consultations are free, without obligation and confidential. - TRUE, call me for a free, no obligation and confidential interview.

One of my favorite success stories………..

I was contacted by a homeowner who owed over $1,000,000.00 to JP Morgan/Chase on a home in the Davie community of Riverstone. The home was worth nearly $500,000 less than the loan balance, and had delinquent HOA fees of nearly $9,000.00.

As a Chase Priority Partner I was able to negotiate a contract with the closing resulting in the homeowner being released of all loan debt on the first and second mortgage and ensured that the HOA received their payment. On top of that the homeowner was paid $45,000.00 by Chase to close the short sale.

Not all short sales are as enticing as that one, nor is a short sale always the best alternative. However if you're facing foreclosure, behind in your payments, or simply cannot afford your home any longer Call Ski


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